Use a Paint Roller like a Professional!

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by Rocky Vuong - October 27, 2018

Using a paint roller is one of the quickest ways to modify the exterior and interior walls of your house. While it can be simpler to use paint brushes, you can save a lot of time by choosing paint rollers instead. They can cover a larger area provide an evenly smooth finish to your walls. In this post, we’ll show you how to use a paint roller just like a pro.

Here’s a list of tools you will need for painting your house.

1) Load the roller with paint

Pour your paint to a bucket with a pan or a roller screen, which will keep the roller from being submerged. Fill the container until the paint’s surface touches the bottom of the roller screen. If you use a pan, then pour around 2.5 cm of paint into the pan’s well. Avoid overfilling the well, or it will spill your paint when you are loading.

Paint Roller and Tray

2) Prime the roller’s sleeve

Remove fibres on the roller’s sleeve by using a lint brush or tape, as these might clot the paint when you are applying. After that, finish the roller by dampening with water and shake it to get rid of any water in the metal frame. Use a cloth to dry the unit.

3) Dip the roller’s sleeve in paint

Put the roller’s sleeve in paint and keep rolling it on the pan or screen until you see an even coat. This will help spread the paint around your roller. Do not re-dip the primed sleeve directly in the paint because it might cause streaks to run down the walls as you are rolling.

4) Outline the wall’s perimeter with paint

Use a paintbrush and paint the perimeter of the area that you plan to work on. Make sure to use horizontal and long strokes for an even application. The thickness of a sleeve makes it quite difficult to apply paint in adjacent corners, windows, doors and ceilings. Even when you manage to work on those surface closely, the finish might be dry with a few streaks.

5) Paint the wall

Use a slightly upwards and angled stroke with your roller to paint the wall. Start working around 15 cm away from the corners, and around 25 cm up from the wall’s bottoms. After that, stop the first stroke 5 to 10 cm from the ceiling. In most cases, the paint on your loaded roller might transfer to the wall after this first movement. Leaving the areas by the corners and ceiling unpainted would provide you with the necessary space to spread the applied paint.

handsome young man paint white wall in color

Next, sweep the roller in vertical motions to spread the paint to other areas. Keep in mind to cover those areas by the bottom parts of the wall, ceiling, and corner that you left blank previously. Always apply a gentle pressure to avoid putting streaks on the painted areas and causing the buildup of paint on the roller’s sleeve.

6) Clean the sleeve and frame

Once everything is done, use a scraper to eliminate excess paint from the sleeve and frame of your roller. Try to remove as much as possible before rinsing it with clean water. Let these parts sit for a few hours to get dried before placing into your toolbox for future tasks.

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