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How to Paint MDF Like a Pro – 4 Easy Steps

April 11, 2022 by Andrew Ahearne

You can paint MDF just like any other type of wood. However, the job requires a few key steps to ensure a smooth, even finish. With the proper preparation, painting MDF is a straightforward job you can complete over the weekend. In this guide, we’ll show you how to paint MDF like a professional and why it’s a worthwhile DIY project.   The Benefits of ...

How Long to Wait Between Paint Coats – A Comprehensive Guide

April 1, 2022 by Andrew Ahearne

You’ve scrubbed your walls, filled in the holes and cracks, and chosen the perfect paint colour. Now it’s time to start painting! But what you may overlooked is how long to wait between paint coats. While it’s tempting to splash your second coat as soon as you’ve applied the first, you will be doing more harm than good. Painting over wet paint that hasn’t thoroughly ...

How to Paint Concrete like a Pro – 11 Easy Steps

March 24, 2022 by Andrew Ahearne

Painted concrete isn’t just for looks. It can also help protect your concrete from weathering, crumbling, abrasion and general wear and tear. But before you start painting your concrete, a fair amount of preparation work is required to pull off the perfect finish. As concrete is a porous surface that can trap dirt and moisture, it’s essential to clean and seal it before painting.   ...

How to Paint Cornice like a Pro – 5 Steps

March 17, 2022 by Andrew Ahearne

Cornices can add character and style to any room, varying in size, shape and design. Some have extensive detailing that draws the eye, while others are simple and sleek. These decorative pieces also provide a smooth transition from walls to ceiling and can be painted to match your wall colour. Below we’ll go through five steps on how to paint cornice, so you can achieve ...

How to Get Rid of Paint Smells – Tips & Prevention Strategies!

February 24, 2022 by Andrew Ahearne

Did you know that it takes 14 to 24 weeks for standard paint fumes to dissipate? That’s a long time, and while you’re marveling at your freshly painted room, everyone else is plugging their noses. If you need to know how to get rid of paint smells, try these nifty tricks today:   Cut a Few Onion Halves   Sometimes, you have to fight fire ...

How to Do German Smear – A Complete Guide

February 16, 2022 by Andrew Ahearne

A brick exterior is simply stunning, providing a unique architectural aspect that draws the eye. However, many homeowners prefer a more antiqued look and use German smear to upgrade their exterior and change its original brick color. The result is a distressed and rustic looking brick exterior reminiscent of old European cottages.   What is German Brick Smear?   Originating in Northern Germany, German Brick ...

How to Paint a Door – 4 Essential Steps

February 10, 2022 by Andrew Ahearne

Like your walls, doors can fade over time into bland, colourless features that take away from the character of your home. Door painting can turn your old door into a statement piece, so we’ve made a simple step by step guide on how to paint a door. Building upon each step as you progress allows for easy to follow directions and clean, professional results. However, ...

How to fix Cracked Paint

February 10, 2022 by Andrew Ahearne

Before you know it, cracking or bubbling paint can appear on your interior or exterior surfaces walls. They’re unsightly and unappealing, detracting from the rest of the room’s decor and even causing structural damage in some cases. The good news is that it’s not difficult to fix cracked paint, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. With the right tools and know-how, this is a project ...

Painting Kitchen Cupboards – FAQ

January 24, 2022 by Andrew Ahearne

Kitchen cupboards are an integral part of any kitchen environment. For many homeowners, they provide an opportunity to add colour and spice up a room that looks dull. If yours have lost their shine and are worn out, painting kitchen cupboards can be just the thing to bring them back from the dead. If you’re on the fence between painting your kitchen cupboards and replacing ...

How to Paint Bathroom Tiles in 9 Steps

January 6, 2022 by Andrew Ahearne

Bathroom tiles waterproof our walls from water damage and provide an elegant decorative touch. They come in an almost endless variety of colours and patterns that can set the vibe and tone of your bathroom. However, if your tiles have lost their lustre over time, painting them provides a cost-effective solution. But before you get the old paintbrush out to embellish your interior, know there ...

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