23 Interior House Wall Ideas in 2018


by Rocky Vuong - August 16, 2018

We all live different lifestyles and therefore have different preferences. One of the most important changes you could make to reflect this is by changing your home interior colour. However, you may often find yourself stuck with interior paint ideas. Have no fear, we have compiled 23 of the most popular colours in 2018 for your home interior to help you!

1. Black Beauty

How can you not love this black interior tone? It brings a warm and cozy atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. This colour goes well with White Dove for a strong contrast.

black beauty

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

2. Caliente

Be bold in 2018! This Caliente colour is both daring and courageous. When combined with Monterey White, the room gives off a compelling effect.


Image credit: Benjamin Moore

3. Carolina Gull

The soft green interior gives the room a very elegant touch. This is accentuated by the Frostine decor and finishes.

carolina gull

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

4. Cherry Wine

For all wine lovers, this is the perfect colour to complement your interest. Use this colour in moderation to avoid overwhelming the atmosphere. Saratoga Springs and Grey Sky can be used to support the brightness of the Cherry Wine.

cherry wine

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

5. Coastal Path

As the name suggests, the Coastal Path is for anyone who loves the sea breeze and beach lifestyle in 2018. Throw in some Sparkling Wine and Patriotic White for the overall finish.

coastal path

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

6. Cranberry Cocktail

A slightly darker tone of the Cherry Wine. This colour provides a bit more sense of adventure for thrill seekers in 2018. This colour goes well with Ravishing Red.

cranberry cocktail

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

7. Deep Poinsettia

This magnificent colour goes hand in hand with any home with timber flooring. Include some Opaline furnishing for the complete look.

deep poinsettia

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

8. Dreamy Cloud

This Dreamy Cloud interior colour will have you daydreaming as you relax in the calm and tranquil setting of the room.

dreamy cloud

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

9. Elk Horn

Embrace this soothing and harmonious Elk Horn in your bedroom. Begin every morning in 2018 cheerful and full of energy. Mix this with some Country Life and Sparkling Wine decor in the room and you will be unstoppable.

elk horn

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

10. Excalibur Grey

Yes, the colour is quite exquisite as the name sounds! This Excalibur Grey brings a new world of fun and enjoyment to your 2018 home.

excalibur grey

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

11. Golden Retriever

Balanced between the Cool Baby Blue and stunning Golden Retriever, this dynamic colour composition harmonises great for your bedroom interior.

golden retriever

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

12. Incense Stick

This funky mixture of Incense Stick and Brookside Moss never fails to have a strong impression within the room.

incense stick

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

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13. Moonshine

If you are looking to complement your stainless steel appliances and furnishes, then try this Moonshine interior. Feel free to incorporate some Cloud Cover to emphasize the serenity of the room.


Image credit: Benjamin Moore

14. Peau de Soie

This interior colour scheme has withstood the test of time and is a must in our 2018 list. Matched with Pure White or Super White, this classic theme is simply timeless.

peau de soie

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

15. Pleasant Pink

For a chic look, try Pleasant Pink to light up the room. Include Eclipse or Ice Cap finishes in the room for some style.

pleasant pink

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

16. Saddle Soap

Mixed with Ylang Ylang Yellow, the Saddle Soap offers a luxurious look to the room. Metal decors can be added to further enhance the theme.

Saddle Soap

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

17. Sharkskin

For those who aren’t looking for anything bright and colourful in 2018, Sharkskin with Paper White is without a doubt the right choice for you.


Image credit: Benjamin Moore

18. Silver Marlin

This is our personal favourite for 2018. The contrast of the dark decor with the Silver Marlin provides a sense of minimalist.

silver marlin

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

19. Smoked Oyster

Don’t settle for anything less than this refined Smoke Oyster in 2018. The combination with Distant Grey opens up the room for a spacious feeling.

smoked oyster

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

20. Stone

Many people often think of Stone as a boring colour. However, when paired with the right colour palette and design of the room can really bring life to your home.


Image credit: Benjamin Moore

21. Texas Rose

Keep 2018 simple with this graceful colour composition. The Appalachian Brown and Lambskin isn’t too dominant to overpower the theme.

texas rose

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

22. White Opulence

2018 is the year of clean and renewable energy. Maximise the natural sunlight in your home with this White Opulence colour.

white opulence

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

23. Wolf Grey

Embrace the delicate yet powerful colour scheme offered with Wolf Grey. There is always an uplifting mood within the room.

wolf grey

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

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