Sensational Wall Colours for Timber Floors

Living room with wood flooring

by Rocky Vuong - August 24, 2018

Interior designers and painters have always advised homeowners to be careful when painting their house walls, especially those that do not have any painting professionals involved and are inexperienced.

Out hot tip is that the floor material will almost always determine the sort of colour palette that you use for your walls. Therefore, you should always make some floor type consideration before painting your walls, whether it is timber, concrete, marble, tile, etc.

If you wish to choose a comfortable colour that you will not regret or have to redo your wall painting, determine whether your timber floor colour is cool or warm.

Once you have identified your timber floor colour, you can then decide the appropriate wall colours to match. It is advisable to use the service of experts and experienced professionals to avoid the cost of redoing your walls.

Here are our golden rules when it comes to picking the best wall colours for timber floors.

White Colour Walls

Modern apartment with white walls and light wooden floor

Commonly white walls go with any light wood floor. But this does not appear well especially to the contemporary interiors. What makes most white colours unfitting is that they are not manufactured pure.

They often contain some white pigments. This explains why you will find some white chip with each manufacturer. Those pigments come from white paint that has either cool or warm undertones.

In case your wood floor has cool wood tones, go for white colours that have the cool undertone. Therefore, it only makes sense to use warm colours for your walls to complement the warm timber floor. This will avoid any colour crushing.

If you use warm white paint when you have a cool wood floor, your whole interior will look unpleasant and dull. White printer paper can be used to testify that.

Warm Colour Walls

Modern home workplace

If your wood floors are of warm undertone, you may utilise any warm colours to your preference. These colours include orange, red and yellow. You may even choose to mix these colours together to achieve a different shade.

If you wish to pair warm wall colours with cool timber floors, you may go for medium bright to dark colours. When you use a warm wall colour that has great value, your wall will remain outstanding.

Cool Colour Walls

Empty room with blue wall 3D rendering

Usually, cool wall colour blends well with cool undertone timber wood floors. If you follow this piece of advice, there is no doubt that your painting will be of great value and without any dully spots whatsoever. Cool colour normally includes Violet, Green, Blue and Grey-Green.

Conversely, use medium bright to dark colours where your light wooden floors have warm undertones.

Neutral Colour Walls

Real photo of a retro gray armchair and wooden cabinet against a

If you want your interior wall painting to remain well decorated, then use neutral colours other than white such as Black, Brown or any shade of Grey.

Depending on the pigments that the manufacturer uses to create Brown and Grey paint, they are available in both cool and warm versions. For medium neutral or light walls, choose the colour paint which has the same undertone as your house flooring.

If you decide to pick the same colour for the wall as the floor then make sure that your wall colour is at least two shades lighter or darker than the floor. This is to avoid matching appearance.

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