10 Room Colour Meanings and How it Affects You

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by Rocky Vuong - July 31, 2018

The colour combination you choose to paint your interior reflects your personality. Most importantly, the colours act as thought stimulators and mood enhancers. Could the colour of your room be blamed for your bad mood? How do you choose paint colours for your house interior?

Plutchik wheel

Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions

Let us dig deep into the 10 meanings of the colour of your room.

1. Have you ever wondered why people choose the green colour for their bedroom? It’s because green promotes health and tranquillity. It is a pleasing colour and will let you feel at ease.

2. Colours like yellow can boost your energy levels when you apply it in a room. It blends with the tranquil of green perfectly to enhance closeness. However, be careful with yellow because it can provoke some sensations.

3. Painting your interior with shades of blue can boost relaxation and calmness. Just think about the blue waves in the ocean with clear water against the sea sand. It looks and feels calm, doesn’t it? This alone supports why people paint their bedrooms blue.

4. Red colour tones do provoke strong emotions. Therefore, you should avoid overusing it because it can draw out feelings of rage and irritability.

5. Brown, white and grey are neutral colours suitable for any room. You can pair them with any bright tone to bring life into your room.

6. The psychology of colour in interior décor states that black is very intense to use it alone. It works best on accents alone.

7. Colour is connected to brand identity. Research shows that colour boosts brand identity by 80%. Heinz EZ Squirt Blastin’ changed the colour of their ketchup. This change increased their sales to hit 10 million in the first 7 months. In fact, the company had to work 7 days a week for 24 hours daily to serve the increased demand. All due to the slight colour change.

8. Colours can attract massive attention. For instance, coloured images can attract and hold people’s attention for more than two seconds. Whereas white and black images sustain people’s interest for no more than two-thirds of a second. Since people hardly process each object at a single glance. Use of colour is a perfect tool to emphasise areas.

9. Colour is really powerful. A research study has shown that at least 81% of the participants agreed that colour gives them a competitive edge, makes them look successful and aids them to attract new clients. 76% stated that colour has made their businesses appear large to customers.

10. Colour boosts memory. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. More specifically, a picture with natural colours. According to psychologists, living colour is appealing to people’s senses. In addition, colour improves memories for certain scenes in our natural world.

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If you have considered about repainting the room after reading this article then there are 20 Things You Need to Know About Interior Painting. Understanding the importance of colour in a room will aid you to narrow down your choices.

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