How to Make Your Rooms Look Bigger with Wall Paint

by Rocky Vuong - January 28, 2019

Did you know that paint colours can determine and affect your mood? Well, colours can either help you enjoy or feel uncomfortable in a room. In fact, you will be surprised to learn how colours can give you an illusion of space. Different colours and their shades can simply alter your perception of shape and size in a given room. When it comes to small spaces, everything counts. This is the main topic of discussion in this article where you will learn how to use paint colours to create the illusion to make your room look bigger than its actual size.

Stick to the same family of colours

Colours play a crucial role when painting walls. To achieve good results, you need to paint your walls different shades paying particular attention to related colours or colours of the same shade. For instance, you can use light blue or grey on your walls to make your room look bigger. Alternatively, you can choose to go as neutral as you can but make sure your choice of colours creates an illusion of a bigger space.

Go for bright or light colours

It is undisputed fact that bright colours when painted on the walls, will make your bedroom look larger. Just use a clean looking paint rather than one which appears muddy for better results. The same case is true with light colours. You can try out Spring Violet on your wall to understand the power of bright colour or take into consideration Off-White Fog Mist to get a taste of light colours.

Add some depth on your wall with white mouldings

You may think of adding some depth on your wall by painting the mouldings and trims in whites and off-whites. This is one way of creating an illusion of space by making your walls seem to be further away. Try painting the walls using high gloss white in order to ensure that more light is reflected in the room.

What about using cool colours?

Did you know you can use cool colours to make your room look larger? Seek light cream as well as icy blue colour schemes to paint the walls in your room. The concept behind cool colours is that they help in reflecting light which in turn make your space look bigger. Also, the cool blue colour adds some warmth to your room making the whole area look lively.

Consider using quality paint

The paint product you choose is of great importance as well. Even though low-quality paint is affordable, its quality might not give you what you are looking for. Low-quality paints have a tendency of chalking which, on the contrary, makes the room look smaller. Go for the quality paint which has some element shine in it. The shine in this type of paints will definitely reflect some amount of light making the room look spacious and brighter.

Painting adds some aesthetic value to your house and creates an illusion of space in a room. That is why you need to use bright and light paints on your walls to make your room look brighter. As the interior painting experts at Newline Painting, we know that quality paint speaks for itself. That is why we always use high-quality paint for all our room painting no matter what. It is also much more effective in creating an illusion to make your room feel and look spacious.

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