Ceiling vs Wall Paint, What Are The Differences?

Woman Painting the Edges of the Ceiling

by Rocky Vuong - September 15, 2018

Are you planning to change the look in your house with a new layer of paint? Then it is essential to do your research and have a basic understanding.

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For beginners, it might be surprising that we need different types of paint for the ceiling and the wall. Each of these has its own unique attributes and characteristics. To help you be better prepared, we’ll explain the difference between ceiling and wall paint.

Painting the Edges of the Ceiling

1. Colour options

The paint you see on ceilings are typically designed to enable the painter to apply them with ease. That’s why many manufacturers make their ceiling options look pale pink or blue when applied and turn white once they get dry.

This way the professionals can easily notice any missed areas and then evenly apply the paint. Thus, the colour options for the ceiling are very limited.

On the other hand, paints made for the walls are much more flexible. They are readily available in a wide range of hues and finishes. Numerous tones can be used and mixed so that you can create any type of pattern and design for your living space. Here’s a guide on How To Use A Colour Chart.

2. Composition

Paint on ceililngs are designed to cover edges and hide all the irregularities in your house. Thus, they are typically flat to make sure that light does not reflect and reveal any imperfections. Also, these products are is more viscous to allow for a better quality. Here are some tips on How To Paint Your Ceiling The Right Way.

Wall paints are formulated to be more durable and easier for you to clean the walls with water and soap on a regular basis. Cleaning and scrubbing do not damage the paint. They are also available in glossy finishes to create a spacious feel in your apartment or room.

3. Special features

Depending on the space you want to renovate, there is a variety of wall paint to choose from. For example, you should use a type that is resistant to mildew, mould, and water for the bathroom.

It is also a good idea to choose a product that will be able to withstand scrubbing where areas require regular cleaning. The same principle can be applied to other areas in your house.

As for the ceiling paint, they are typically the same for every space in the house. They just have to feature those properties previously mentioned.

Bottom line

Selecting different kinds of ceiling or wall paint can depict the psychology and mentality mindset of the homeowner or painter. With this guide, we believe that you are now well informed to choose the best options for your home interior.

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