6 Glamorous Reasons To Paint Your House Interior in Spring

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by Rocky Vuong - August 24, 2018

You may have looked at your house interior and thought that it is time to give it a new paint job. However, it is not the best thing to paint your house interior immediately after noticing the old paint is worn out. Paint experts recommend that you should take the external weather conditions into consideration before embarking on this task. This will determine how long your new paint will last.

There are certain seasons which are preferred. For interior paint jobs, Spring is considered the best season to freshen up and brighten up your house. It is time for a revitalisation of your home and lifestyle. Spring is the time of the year when precipitation is low and the temperature is warm and favourable for painting.

The following are 6 reasons why Spring is such a good time to paint your house interior.

1. Low Humidity

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Spring is a good time to paint your house interior because the humidity levels are usually low. When humidity is low, there is no risk of moisture getting trapped in wall surfaces. This can lead to bubbles forming when the moisture is attempting to escape. Low humidity also helps the new paint to quickly dry on its own. Here’s a quick guide on How Long to Wait Between Paint Coats – A Comprehensive Guide.

To avoid the problem of moisture getting trapped and the delay of dry paint, you should avoid painting during rainy seasons when humidity is high.

2. Not too hot, not too cold

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It isn’t a good idea to paint your home interior during extreme conditions when the temperature is too hot or too cold. If you rush your home interior paint job during these conditions, the new paint may be compromised. Therefore, it is advisable that you wait until Spring or Fall when the temperature is mild.

3. Spring, a Time for Renewal

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Spring is a time of a new life and new possibilities. The time when plants and things begin their growth after hibernating in a frosty winter. This season is a great opportunity to ‘spring’ yourself into action and start a new, healthy and bright lifestyle.

This can easily be achieved starting at home. Cleaning out your old junk and painting your home interiors are the best ways to attain a fresh beginning.

4. Peak Season for Home Sale

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Painting your house interior during Spring is ideal if you are planning to rent or sell your property. Studies have shown that Spring is the busiest season for home sales. Therefore, getting a new interior paint job can increase your house appeal to potential home buyers or tenants during Spring.

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5. Winter can Affect your Interior Paint

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After the Winter season is over and the arrival of Spring, you may do a quick home inspection. This will help you find out if the high moisture during winter has wreak havoc on your home’s interior paint. If you notice any signs of blistering, peeling or flaking, it is recommended that you should repair it during Spring when moisture and humidity levels are low.

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6. No Better Season for Interior Painting than Spring

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Let’s face it. Summer and Winter are not the best time to paint your home interior. Summer is too hot for a paint job while winter is simply too cold to do anything. Spring is a much more favourable time for interior and exterior painting.

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