How to Paint Window Frames – A Complete Guide

by Andrew Ahearne - February 1, 2022

Newly painted window frames are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and add depth and dimension to your space. A splash of paint also adds the finishing touch to your interior, giving both frames and panes a crisp and clean appearance.

If your window frames have started to look old, damaged or dirty, painting the window frames will also make your windows look new again. Follow these simple steps to give your house a fresh, updated look with painted window frames.

How to Paint Window Frames


Step One – Remove Window Hardware


1) Carefully remove your window’s fixtures using a cordless drill. This will include the window handle, hinges, blinds or curtains.

2) Remove your sliding window from your frame (if applicable), and place it on a flat, smooth surface along with your fixtures.

3) Wipe down your window frame to remove any dust or dirt particles. This will help the paint adhere to the structure properly and give a clean look once it’s complete.


Step Two – Lay Drop Cloths or a Ram Board


Cleaning up after a paint job is time-consuming and tedious. Paint splatters tend to get everywhere, so some preparation is required before you get started. Lay drop cloths or a ram board to catch the paint drops underneath your window, which you can later dispose of.


Step Three – Mask Tape Your Window Frame


Masking or painter’s tape helps cover exposed areas and prevents unsightly paint stains from appearing outside your window frame.

1) Apply your tape on the border of your window glass, then mask the outer perimeter of your window frame.

2) Once you’ve reached the corner with your painter’s tape, use a scraper to push the tape down and seal it. Pull off from an angle to ensure a clean cut.


Step Four – If Spray Painting, Cover Exposed Areas with Paper Towels


Tape newspaper or paper towels to your window’s glass pane, and surrounding walls. This helps protect your interior from being marked with paint. If you’ve opted to use a paint brush, this step is unnecessary.


Step Five – Apply Primer


TO being painted for the first time, primer is required to help paint stick to the metal. If you’re painting over an existing colour, skip this step and go straight into applying your topcoat.

1) Wear your safety gear, including rubber gloves, ventilator, and safety glasses.

2) Apply multiple coats of galvanised metal etching primer to the metal frame. If you have a wooden window frame, opt for a water-based wood primer instead.

3) Wait to dry before proceeding to the next step.


Step Six – Paint Your Window Frame


You can either use an angled brush or window frame spray paint when applying your top coat, depending on your preference. Window frame spray paint provides a more even coverage, whereas painting with a brush provides more control. To paint your window frames more efficiently, we recommend you to spray paint.

1) Put on your safety gear and open your windows to allow fumes to dissipate once you start.

2) Give your can of paint a good shake, and maintain a 10-20cm distance between you and the window frame.

3) From your position, spray your window frame paint from top to bottom, using long smooth strokes. Doing so will prevent your paint from dripping or pooling.

4) Wait for your paint to dry before applying a second coat using the same method you used for the first coat. You may require a third coat to reach even coverage.

5) Don’t forget to paint your sliding window frame that you have put to one side.


Step Seven – Take off Your Painter’s Tape and Paper Towels


1) As your paint is about to dry, remove your masking tape and paper towels from their respective areas.

2) If residual paint particles have stuck to your glass, carefully wipe them off with a damp cloth with methylated spirits. You can also scrape it away with a razor blade.


Step Eight – Reinsert Your Window into the Frame


Now that your window frame is prepped and painted, it’s time to reinsert your window into its original place.


How to Paint Window Frames – FAQ

Theres quite a bit of nuiance involved when you paint window frames painting window frames, particularly if you’re using a paintbrush. To ensure that your window frame painting project goes smoothly, and you’re using the right tools, check out our frequently asked questions below.

What kind of paint do you use on window frames?

Water-based paint is the best choice for painting window frames. It adheres better to various surfaces, including metal and wooden window frames, and it is less toxic, which means a safer painting environment. Oil-based paints are also a great choice, and their natural sheen provides an excellent, glossy finish. They do, however, take longer to dry.


Should you paint window frames white?

White shades provide a modern look and contrast well with various interior design themes. It also brightens and makes a room appear larger, which is why white is a popular choice for window frame painting.


How often should you repaint window frames?

Unless structural damage or rust occurs, your painted window frames should last long if they are correctly maintained. However, as with any painted surface, your window’s paint will eventually fade and require a touch-up. Closely check your frames once a year to determine whether a touch up is needed.


What sort of paint is suitable for aluminium windows?

When painting aluminium window frames, this will depend on your needs and preferences. Paints specific to metal surfaces will adhere the best while providing adequate protection against humidity and corrosion. Anti-rust paints aren’t as durable but are more resistant to rust. Lastly, an anti-corrosion coating works to preserve your metal against moist climates.

So there you have it! You know now how to paint your window frame the proper way. It may seem like a time-consuming task, but it is rewarding once you’re finished. To learn more about DIY painting, read our FAQ on Painting Kitchen Cabinets.


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