Interior House Painter Dandenong

by Daniel Law - August 13, 2018

Need advice or an interior house paint job in Dandenong? Newline Painting is here to help!

Newline Painting offers exceptional interior house painting to residents in Melbourne. We believe that the colour of your interior house is very important to your lifestyle. It can have a large impact on your mood and well-being. It is easy to be cheerful if you are in a room that is bright and lively. But if a room is too overwhelming with bright colours then the mood can quickly crash down.

If you aren’t sure about your choice of colour selection to suit your lifestyle then why not ask us. We will provide free professional colour consultation that other companies would normally charge hundreds for. Our quotes are highly competitive to ensure that you receive the best services at the most suitable price with no hidden fees.

Best Interior House Painting Dandenong

We have a strict screening policy to ensure that our painters are fully qualified for the task with positive and honest work ethics. Each of our painters is friendly, energetic and has a high level of experience shown through their 10+ years of painting. Our high-quality paint is made to last for years without any worries.

To put your mind at ease we’ll provide you with a 7-year warranty. What’s even better is that we have teamed up with our partners at Calibre Cleaning to provide you with a professional cleaning service to leave the room spotless after all of our painting services. This is what makes us stand out from the rest of the painting companies in Melbourne.

Get Newline Painting to Paint Your House at Dandenong

Don’t delay that renovation any longer, ask us for a quick quote for all your interior house painting needs today! Our prompt staffs are happy to provide you with a free quote online within a few minutes to get things going. Once we get the process going you will see how simple and easy it is to use an excellent service provider such as Newline Painting.

We highly value our customer’s satisfaction and aim to provide you with the best painting services and finishing results in Melbourne. Contact us on 1300 044 206 for all your enquiries!