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Epoxys Floor Painting Specialists

Newline Painting offers specialized epoxy floor coating services in Melbourne using top quality epoxy resin supplies from Australia. Our qualified and accredited epoxy floor experts are masters at preparing and applying all kinds of epoxy floor coating finishes on your concrete floors.  We work with all kinds of resin-based epoxies so our team of experts has the versatility to handle all your epoxy floor painting requirements.

We can also work on different types of floors ranging from commercial kitchens and high-traffic areas to the garage floors that typically require extensive prep work. An epoxy floor coating refers to a protective floor coating that is used to rejuvenate damaged or worn-out floors. Floors that are coated with epoxy are longer lasting and have better resistance to wear. The epoxy floor coating makes concrete floors less porous. You can, therefore, clean and maintain them with greater ease.

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Over 7 years' painting experience to help with all of your home painting needs.

House Painters Epoxy

Epoxy coating involve the use of epoxy paint. It is an ideal floor coating solution for garage, patio or basement floors. Floors coated with epoxy have better resistance to scratching and grazing. They will fare much better when subjected to the rigors of daily use and the general wear-and-tear that emanates from this. Epoxy floor coating is a perfect solution for flooring in high traffic areas where the concrete floors will likely be subjected to considerable wear and tear.

This is why it is commonly used in commercial kitchens, showrooms, shopping centres, plant and equipment rooms, schools as well as in warehouses. The use of epoxy floor coating is also advantageous from a hygiene and aesthetic point. Epoxy coated floors are easier to clean and look nice in spite of the foot traffic.

At Newline Painting, our team of experts specializes in superior quality epoxy floor coatings. We deliver top quality epoxy floors with excellent workmanship. Clients in Melbourne, ranging from residential to commercial customers, trust our team with their epoxy floor coating projects. We deliver a top-notch quality service with excellent quality products. Our epoxy floor experts will carry out inspection, prepping and the application of epoxy floor coatings for lasting protection. We handle our projects with professionalism and excellent workmanship. We can finish the project with the highest standards of professionalism and with minimal interruptions or downtimes on your production floor.

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We are proud of each job that we complete and going above and beyond for each customer

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Epoxy Coating Last?

Epoxy flooring will typically last you between 2 and 3 years in places with high foot traffic. This will be the case with commercial properties such as restaurants, garages, and factory spaces. However, if well maintained, epoxy flooring can last longer.

Epoxy or resin floor coating will last much longer in the low-traffic residential areas. You will get the most out of your epoxy flooring when you clean and maintain it well. We offer a warranty of up to 5 years for our professional residential epoxy floor coating in Melbourne.

Is an Epoxy Countertop Worth It?

If epoxy coating is done well by a professional Melbourne painter, then it can result in a durable, long lasting finish. Epoxy coating is non-porous with excellent moisture resistance that should work well for countertops. Epoxy floor coating also has good heat resistance which lends itself easily to countertop uses. However, avoid placing heated pots on your epoxy countertops.

Does Epoxy Coating Scratch Easily?

Yes. Epoxy coating tends to scratch and stain easily. There are also epoxy products that are more susceptible to discoloration. Talk to our expert painters for professional advice on the best epoxy products to use on your disparate surfaces. The scratching and staining can leave ghastly marks on your surfaces, particularly as they age.

Will Epoxy Coating Get Slippery When Wet?

Although epoxy coating looks slippery, it might not actually be as slippery as we assume, particularly if it is well finished. Epoxy coating on your flooring can be augmented with skid-resistant additives that are added to the topcoat to make epoxy flooring less slippery and safer, even when the flooring is wet.  If nonslip additives aren’t used, epoxy coated flooring can get dangerously slippery when wet, especially where there are oil spills.

Can Epoxy Coating Be Used Over Laminate Countertops?

Yes. Applying epoxy coating is a cost-effective way to refresh your laminate countertops and make them look new once more. With proper application by our professional epoxy coating experts, epoxy coatings will make your laminate countertops look more attractive, polished and they will also be more durable.

Can Epoxy Coating Be Used Outdoors?

Yes. Epoxy floor coating can be used outside. Due to the durability of epoxy floor coatings and their excellent resistance to the elements and wear, epoxy floor coatings can be reliably used for outdoor surfaces. However, it is important to keep in mind that epoxy products will discolour with time when exposed to UV rays.

Even UV stable epoxy products will deteriorate at a faster rate when exposed to sunshine. However, this deterioration is merely cosmetic. It ruins the aesthetics of the flooring without compromising its performance. If you don’t mind slight discolouration on your epoxy flooring, then you can comfortably use hard wearing epoxy floor products for your outdoor surfaces.

Is Epoxy Floor Coating Waterproof?

While epoxy floor coating is not waterproof, it is reliably watertight. Whether planning to use epoxy floor coating on your countertops or in the outdoor spaces, we at Newline Painting have just the perfect solution for you. Call us today for professional consultations for your next epoxy flooring project.

Does Epoxy Floor Coating Crack?

The various epoxy products have limits on how much stresses they can withstand. If this threshold is breached via excessive slab movement, impact or heat stress, then the epoxy floor coating can crack.

Can I Use Epoxy Floor Coating on My Bathroom?

Yes. Epoxy floor coating can be used on bathroom floor finishes.

Where Can I Use Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy floor coating can be used in a wide array of floor applications including in supermarkets, commercial kitchens, car parks, bars, automotive industries, workshops, bakeries, schools and abattoirs among others.

Can Epoxy Floor Coating Be Used Over Tiles?

While epoxy floor coating can be applied over tiles, this application requires a more extensive preparation so as to fill up the drummy parts and grout lines before the new floor coating begins.

How Long Will the Epoxy Floor Smell Persists?

After application, the epoxy floor coating smell can linger on for between 1 and 3 days. The strong odour emanating from the epoxy floor coating is from the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in epoxy.

These compounds can cause irritation to the eyes, throat, nose and can even be a health hazard to other organs in the body. After the application of epoxy floor coating, it is strongly recommended that you leave the premises for a few days for the coating to dry off and the smell to subside.

Suitable for Many Environments

At Newline Painting, our epoxy specialists can work on a wide range of epoxy floor finishes. With expertise spanning a decade, we can apply some subtle finishes on your floors that you and your guests will fall in love with. Call us today for prompt same-day quotes for epoxy floor painting services in Melbourne. We offer professional epoxy floor painting services for different kinds of surfaces including the following: Commercial kitchen epoxy floor coating, Garage epoxy floor painting, Industrial floor epoxy coating, Mechanical workshop floors epoxy painting, Warehouse epoxy coating, Hospital floor epoxy coating, and Office floor epoxy coating.

If you are looking for professional epoxy floor coating contractors with the skill and experience to handle industrial epoxy floor coating, you have come to the right place. We deliver top-quality and durable epoxy resin coatings. Our accredited epoxy floor painters rely on the slip-resistant and hard-wearing resin base products that will serve you well for years to come. Our resin products are not just highly functional. You can also clean and maintain them with great ease.

Based on 22 reviews
John's quality of workmanship is second to none. He pays attention to the minutest of details and even did the extras most painters wouldn't bother with. I'd give Newline 6 stars if I could. My partner and I are extremely happy with the painting of our house. Thank you so much for a fantastic job, highly recommend!
Disco Elysium
Disco Elysium
01:14 02 May 22
Excellent workmanship, Johnny and Phi are very helpful, too! Easy to deal with, will use your service again!
Ray Tian
Ray Tian
13:17 14 Feb 22
Really happy with the work that was done at my home. Jason and Harley were awesome to work with. Nothing was ever too hard for them. Couldn’t recommend Newlkne Painting highly enough.
Drew Malcolm
Drew Malcolm
20:20 10 Feb 22
I've had lots of previous issues with my bathroom ceiling peeling and showing up gross marks and have had to have it repainted several times.Newline sent John out to have a look and recommend a solution. John was very informative and educated me on what he was doing, why he was doing it and gave advice on how to maintain the paintwork so that I wouldn't have issues going forward. John also helped with a bunch of odd jobs around the house while he was here and really went the extra mile. On top of that, he was great entertainment!100% recommend Newline and John 😊
Kim Dang
Kim Dang
21:57 01 Feb 22
John was absolutely amazing! Not only at painting but he was such a good person, he became apart of the family in the short 2 weeks of knowing him. Steve was also amazing. John worked so hard and did things for us he didn’t need to do and we loved him to bits! He is the best
karina horton
karina horton
01:47 03 Dec 21
We had a bath tub repainted. We contacted 3 trades Newline responded in a timely matter. The job was completed with no fuss and Newline fitted the work in to be completed on time. We have another 2 bath tubs to repair and we will be contacting Newline to complete these too.
Peter Rijs
Peter Rijs
05:09 11 Aug 21
Newline Painting was great from the moment I contacted them.I got in touch with Daniel and they walked me through the whole process of how their painting process works.Daniel explained to me what paints should be used for which surface and suggested a colour scheme that I ended up using for the interior walls and architraves of my home.They painted all the rooms, kitchen, bathrooms and our newly constructed living room extension. They repainted all the eaves on the outside too.I would highly recommend Newline Painting and will be using them again for future projects.
wan lunna
wan lunna
03:48 31 May 21
Newline Painting is an excellent company to work with and outstanding service. Highly recommended for interior and exterior painting and for any painting advice.
Phi Dang
Phi Dang
23:00 30 May 21
Alan Tran
Alan Tran
03:57 30 Mar 21
I had Newline Painting fully repaint the interior of my apartment and I'm delighted with how the job was completed and the quality of finish. Daniel was great to deal with, always on time and happy to show their progress and answer questions. I can recommend Newline Painting without any hesitation.
David James
David James
00:31 11 Jan 21
Prompt responses to email, great work, easy to book
Jan Thyssen
Jan Thyssen
21:31 08 Dec 20
I needed my Melbourne house interior painted and found Daniel & Dave at Newline to be very professional painters. They respected my budget and carried out a quality interior painting job well within time. Its hard to trust a lot of tradesmen these days but these guys have restored my faith!
Scott Mitchelmore
Scott Mitchelmore
21:35 14 Aug 18
Top treatment of our home from the guys at Newline. Very happy with the results of the newly painted walls. The wife is pleased and so is the rest of the family, thank you!!
Harry Cann
Harry Cann
02:00 12 Jul 18
Thank you Newline Painting for the fantastic work! The house looks new as ever with the newly painted rooms. Very professional and top quality! I would highly recommend them for all your interior house painting!
Jay N
Jay N
22:47 11 Jul 18
Absolutely wonderful work. The guys were extremely professional, and helpful. Great job - they are really masters at what they do. We love the colors - our home looks beautiful. Thank you so much!
Mark Andre
Mark Andre
22:02 01 Jul 18
Newline exceeded our expectations at every turn. They were originally referred to them by close friends and from beginning to end were attentive, delicate with our property and professional in the way they managed themselves. Couldn't have asked for a better team! Henry.
Henry Telford
Henry Telford
01:55 08 Jun 18
The guys at Newline Painting did a great job repainting our investment property. We were updated every step of the way and were very happy with the level of communication and professionalism shown. Props to the team for their excellent service. Thanks again
Daniel Law
Daniel Law
01:37 22 May 18
We had painted our rental place amazing work thank you newline painting
Anna Pascuzzo
Anna Pascuzzo
12:20 21 May 18
Exceptional job from the guys at Newline Painting. They were punctual, neat and tidy, and did a truly excellent job. Can't recommend you enough. Thank you!
Damien Walsh
Damien Walsh
22:40 17 May 18
We recently had Newline Painting paint our kids' bedrooms and our hallway. I used their online quote which came out to be competitively priced compared to two other quotes I received, and we ended up choosing Newline Painting from the great service over the phone.The paint went really smoothly and was completed in three days. The end result looks better than we were expecting, and we are extremely impressed with their work.Thank you for your work. High recommended!
Jess McDavies
Jess McDavies
10:18 12 May 18
I have had Newline Painting out twice to paint exterior and interior areas of my home in Williamstown. Both times they have done an excellent job and charged a fair price. Daniel and Dave are easy to work with and they do meticulous work.Thanks guys!
Julie McIntyre
Julie McIntyre
04:07 29 Jan 18

Epoxy Specialists You Can Trust

Newline Painting focuses on delivering excellence when it comes to epoxy floor coating. We use the finest quality materials and work with excellent workmanship to deliver lasting epoxy floor finishes. Our team will surpass your expectations when it comes to quality, reliability and professionalism.

We offer you the complete package when it comes to epoxy floor coatings. We have a professional team of estimators and experts who are committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to epoxy floor coatings in Melbourne. We adhere to the highest standards of professionalism right from the moment we get your first inquiry to the completion and handover of the project. When you work with the Newline Painting epoxy coating specialists, you are assured of a total peace of mind.

At Newline Painting, we are always striving to deliver excellent and high-quality epoxy floor finishes to our clients. Due to our reputation for professionalism and excellent workmanship, we have been able to maintain a market-leading position when it comes to epoxy floor coatings in Melbourne.

Professional Painters Epoxy

Our epoxy floor coating experts are well-trained, licensed and certified. All our experts have been pre-screened and background checked so you can always be sure we are sending trusted professionals to your premises. We continuously invest in the best equipment and training to ensure we deliver on our promise to our clients. We pay close attention to detail and quality standards. Our team of epoxy floor coating specialists will provide you with high-performing, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly epoxy floor coating solutions.

We work with great reliability and deliver outstanding results. Having worked on epoxy floor coatings for a decade, we have acquired the skills and experience to deliver the best epoxy floor coatings in Melbourne. We handle your epoxy floor coating with tremendous care and deliver a guaranteed workmanship in all our projects. Our team is quick, efficient and professional and will give you outstanding results on your epoxy floors with excellent workmanship.

How Much Does Epoxy Floor Coating Cost?

Epoxy floor coatings generally cost between $30 and $35 per square metre. This is the quote for the application of two coats of epoxy over a concrete surface that is already well prepared. Depending on the condition of the concrete surface over which it is to be applied, the cost of epoxy coatings can be as high as $80 to $100 per square metre where there is preparation involving diamond grinding as well as decorative finishes.

The cost of epoxy floor coating will depend on a number of factors such as the state of the existing concrete, the size of the surfaces as well as the types of finishes that you want.

Naturally, you will pay a higher cost per square metre or per foot where the surface requires extensive prep work. Most of the expenses incurred in epoxy floor coatings cover the labour costs. Some professional epoxy floor coating experts generally consider the square footage and charge the cost based on that.

Finally, the type of epoxy used may also factor into the cost of epoxy floor coating in Melbourne. Solid epoxy is costlier than water-based epoxy. Solid epoxy gives a premium finish and lasts longer than water-based epoxy but if you are low on budget, you might consider using it in smaller spaces.

Overall, you get better rates when you have to apply epoxy floor coating over a larger surface area than over a small surface area. If you will be applying epoxy floor coating on garages, the prepping will involve some diamond grinding to make the concrete as smooth as possible. Garages also require two coats of epoxy. This is why epoxy garage floor coatings are typically costlier than that of other flooring with costs starting from $80 per square metre for a single car garage. For a double car garage, the cost of epoxy floor coating in Melbourne can start from $80 per square metre.

To get the most accurate cost estimates for epoxy floor coating on your premises, we recommend that you provide a detailed description on the condition of your floors as well as on the kinds of epoxy floor finishes that you want to achieve. When we have more information about your epoxy floor coating project, we are better placed to offer you very accurate epoxy floor coating quotes. Tell us whether the floor has some cracks that need repairs, if it is stained or whether you need to coat your garage floors. Garage floors, particularly, are usually in poor shape. When you give us accurate details on the condition of your floors, our epoxy floor specialists will prepare a comprehensive epoxy floor coating quote that factors in all the prep work and finishes that will have to be done on your flooring for flawless epoxy finishes.

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