Apartment Painting

Just moved into your newly rented apartment but not happy with the interior walls? Or perhaps you are planning to renovate your apartment space for the new tenants?

Regardless, Newline Painting will provide you with the painting service that you need at affordable rates! We offer professional and high quality painting finishes each and every time, guaranteed!

Apartment Painting Melbourne

Painting a currently occupied apartment can be challenging but not for Newline Painting. We are professionals that can organise our work and carefully move any oversized furniture to get the job done professionally. Have a peace of mind that your belongings are completely covered by our public liability insurance.

Each of our certified painters have at least 10 years of training and experience on the field. Any tight corners or tall ceilings are completely covered by our qualified professionals. We have all the specialised tools and equipment to get the job completed and finished in a quality result.

Unfurnished interior side

Professional Painting Services in Melbourne with Newline Painting

If it is anything, quality is a top priority here at Newline Painting and when you go with us, you can expect reputable brand products such as Dulux with 7 years of warranty to go with it. We also provide waterproof paint that allows your interior walls to reach a longer lifespan without signs of cracking, peeling or flaking paint.

Our superior painting services is further enhanced thanks from our partners at Calibre Cleaning who will professionally provide you with a complimentary cleaning service for your whole apartment. Not only will you receive a fresh interior but you will also come home to a clean apartment.

Otherwise, sit down with our experts for a free colour consultation that would normally cost hundreds of dollars with other companies. Newline Painting also gives back to the community by providing a 1% charitable donation of our profits to Kiva.org.

It is safe to say that your apartment will become highly desirable and add more value to tenants seeking to rent out for your space. Don’t miss the chance to impress your potential tenants will our exceptional work.

Simply call us between 8am and 6pm on 1300 044 206 or shoot us an email at [email protected]. Our staffs are prompt to respond and will get back to you within 3 business hours.