Interior House Painter Newport

by Daniel Law - February 19, 2019

We’ve got everything you need for the best looking home interior paint in Newport!

Newline Painting is no less than perfection when it comes to home painting services. We are the industry experts with more than 10 years of professional experience under our belts. Each of our painters are fully qualified tradesman to get the painting job done to a high level of quality. They are Master Painters Association certified which takes 7 years to complete.

Newport Professional Home Painters

Newline Painting won’t only provide you with a fresh new coat of paint for your home, we’ll add value to your property with excellent painting finishes that will last for years to come. Our contemporary and modern painting techniques are highly desirable to completely transform the feel and atmosphere of any home in Newport. We can help residents change their habits and lifestyles simply by providing their home with new and vibrant colours.

Colours have an interesting way of changing our moods and having an impact on us that we do not notice. The impact can often be profound that residents completely change their lifestyle and eating habits. This can be a positive thing, especially if they are looking for an extra push for encouragement or breaking out of a bad habit. Light colours such as white or cream can have a positive impact on the person as it is often associated with happiness and joy. Changing your environment can definitely change yourself.

Home Painting Services Newport

Each of our painting jobs are covered by a 7-year long warranty to ensure that you get to experience a long and lasting painted home. Whether it is your bedroom, living room or bathroom, you can rely on Newline Painting to provide you with an extraordinary level of customer care. We’ll also provide you with a professional cleaning service for your entire home. The team from Calibre Cleaning will arrive at your Newport home to clean, organise and do the chores that you would not normally do. We have the whole package to make your home truly special.

Call the painting experts today on 1300 044 206 and we’ll provide you with a completely free colour consultation!