How Often You Should Repaint Your Home?

The process of painting a home can be time-consuming and inconvenient, but a good investment will extend your home’s integrity and its good appearance. Paint is the first line defence of any home when it comes to various elements and it will impress your guests or potential buyers. To maintain the atmosphere and feel of your property, you will have to paint it regularly.

How often should you paint the house?

To answer it, we have to base the answer on the room or walls you are planning to paint and other factors. Here are the painting needs of various rooms in a home.

Your Home Exterior

Most professionals will advise you to repaint your home’s exterior within 4-6 years as a way of maintaining a good appearance and others will tell you to do that after every 15 years. Painting can be expensive, and therefore you have to be accurate with the estimates. Most homes will need repainting at least ones after every decade.

exterior painting

Corridors and Hallways

The walls in this area experience much wear and tear because people will use and abuse them hundreds of times each day. Scuff marks, dents, cracks and finger marks will characterise them. If the paint is washable, you can wash them occasionally and eliminate the need for repainting. If the walls have any peeling paint and dents, you can patch them and use the same paint for touch-ups. If the dents and cracks are visible, you will have to repaint the affected part. Unlike other parts of your home, the corridors and hallways will demand a repaint after every 2-3 years.


The paintwork of adult bedrooms is known to last for many years. However, the situation might be different for children bedrooms. The bedroom will double as their playroom mostly and as a result, it will suffer much abuse. Therefore, you will have to use high-quality paint with high sheen. Pearl/satin or eggshell is recommendable in such cases. You can scrub the paints clean and they last for more years. If you want your kids to express their creativity by writing on surfaces, go for chalkboards. That way, you will find yourself painting the bedroom with a fresh coat of paint after every 2-3 years.

Dining Room and Living Room

The paint in the living room tends to last for many years. Most of the activities in these rooms are formal and it is expected that more prep work and paintwork in the areas because people use them to display the home’s décor. Draperies, furniture, plants, and floor lamps can function as a buffer, including just visually and prevent touching of the walls. Repainting of the rooms may cause a significant or complete change of style and décor. For that reason, you should give your living room or dining room a dash of new colour after 5-7 years.

painted dining room

Laundry Room, Bathrooms and Kitchen

The three rooms – bathrooms, laundry room and the kitchen – are very busy and you should, therefore, choose the most durable type of paint when repainting them. If you do most of the food preparation and cooking in the kitchen, choose a paint that you can wash frequently. Even though some professionals will advise you to choose a lower sheen paint, you will have to go for satin or pearl finish. Kitchens require more prep work before the painting starts and more washing and priming.

The main culprits in laundry rooms and bathrooms are moisture and humidity. Some years ago, people believed that alkyd semigloss paint was the best choice, but unfortunately, the paint created mildew that was hard to control. Today, the water-based paints are a good choice for humid areas and they last for many years. The paintwork can last for 3-4 years. Proper ventilation will allow escape of the humidity and extend the period between paintings.

Several structural reasons might necessitate painting of your home. A quick example, as your new house settles, the joints might crack and the drywall screws might pop. Those aren’t the only paint issues, but you will have to take care of them in between the main paint jobs.

painted kitchen

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