5 Paint Colours to Avoid for Your Home Interior

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by Daniel Law - May 18, 2019

Are you thinking of changing the interior design of your home? Painting is one of the least expensive ways to transform the interior design of your home. You can change the colour in your house to reflect your temperament, comfort and style. However, as much as colour coding can be autonomous, there are some colours that will make your home less comfortable and dull. If you are not sure what colour would look good in your house, consult a professional interior painting company in Melbourne, Newline Painting. We will help you to pick colours that will give your house an amazing quality finish look.

As the experts in home painting, here are our recommendations to avoid when painting your home interiors.

1) Green brown

Colours can be associated with different things. Some represent royalty, happiness, class, and many others good emotions. However, this green brown shade has been mentioned as one of the ugliest colours. It is perceived as the minimal appealing colour yet maximises perceived harm. It is associated with dirt, tar and some even call it the colour of death. In addition, in an attempt to discourage smoking, the green brown shade has been used for cigarettes wraps and boxes to make it offensive for the cigarette users. This is a colour you should avoid for your home interior. It is considered as the most unappealing colour by experts.

2) White

Black and white paint colours for homes never get out of style. A combination of this two colours is always a safe choice for your interior design. However, you should avoid painting your home white. White has been mentioned among the ugliest colours by experts. Homes that are painted white sell at a lower price than what has been predicted by real estate experts. White may appear as a safe paint for your house but in small spaces like kitchen, it leaves the room looking flat or dead. Another disadvantage with white is that it can get dusty and dirty very quickly. This means you have to invest time and energy to keep the walls sparkling white all the time.

3) Slate grey

Grey is a wonderful colour for your house. Grey gives an elegant neutral state that is easy on the eyes. When combined with other colours such as beige, it results to an organic feel that is pleasant for your interior home. However, real estate pros have shown from statistics that houses that are painted slate grey, especially the dining room, sell less than they are planned for. If you want to enjoy a neutral and modern feel that grey can add to any room of your home, consider dove grey or light grey but avoid slate grey.

4) Red

Red is a beautiful colour that can evoke a lot of emotions. It is a colour that can look good in any room in your house. It can make your living room look energising and glossy, a bit of sensual feeling in your bedroom and spicy and appetising for your kitchen. However, finding the right shade of red that will look good in your house can be tricky. You can go overboard with red and leave your house screaming for attention. If you are considering painting red, consult with a professional on the best shade that will leave your house with an amazing modern finish.

5) Parfait pink

Brightly coloured walls elevate the mood of the home occupants. They also make a house feel warm and cozy. However, some shades such as parfait pink do the opposite. They appear lacklustre and make a room feel dusty. This colour seems to suck in all the brightness from a room leaving it less appealing and less comfortable.

The easiest way to choose the best paint colour for your interior home is to first check the colours that you love. Using your favourite colour as the base colour will allow you to create a colour scheme that will give your house an elegant finish that you love. However, if you are not sure about what colour will best represent what you like, feel free to hire a top-rated service such as Newline Painting. We offer painting services at an affordable price to leave your home looking amazing with a perfect finish and great colours.

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